My birthday present

So another birthday has come and gone, and what do I have to show for it? Well this for a start: this journal; this blog (are we allowed to call it that here?); this first tentative foray into the world of “social networking”.

I was firmly convinced that Mrs WeeKeef might be getting me something rather more “worthy”.  Something to address some of the real issues in my life.  Like a rowing machine. Or a gym membership. Or a Wii Fit. 

But oh, no. It turns out she’s been conspiring with my mate (a denizen of these here parts) to set me up a Live Journal.  A gift made even more fab by the fact that said Mrs has some legitimacy to her complaint that I already spend rather too much time “mucking about” on the computer, and really need to get on with “stuff”.

But there’s a whole new world out there now.  A world waiting to be astonished by the pithiness of my commentary on the 21st Century condition. And the thing is, I’m sitting here, having fiddled about with page layouts and colours, changed a couple of titles around, and set up a picture or two.  But nothing pithy has bubbled to the surface as yet.  Me! A man who, for 40+ years has been known for talking too much in class!  

Part of it, of course, is fear. What if nobody cares? What if nobody comments? What if nobody ever actually sees any of it?

Is there anybody out there?

More importantly – is there anybody in here?

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6 Responses to My birthday present

  1. freya_bean says:

    Many Birthday wishes! (although I’m sure has passed them on by proxy already, it’s always good to say it again)!

    I’m looking forward to your pithy commentary on the condition of the 21st Century (or lack of conditioning in some cases) and the rapier wit. Oh yes 😛

    Welcome to LJ!

    • weekeef says:

      Hey! Thanks for the wishes. You are my first reply to a comment. Am I doing it right?

      We’ll see about the wit. Mrs WeeKeef says my first couple of posts look like I’m writing for the Times magazine. I think she was expecting Meldrew-esque rants. It’ll happen!

      Or perhaps she’s taking the pith 🙂

      • freya_bean says:

        Seems like yes, you are doing it right 😉

        The Times? I thought more Observer myself 😉 I wasn’t expecting Meldrew-esque rants, but I expect they’ll be good when they happen (I just hope they aren’t all choir related)!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Firstborn talking – and I have to say…

    You’ve been in class for over 40 years?

  3. Anonymous says:

    hahaha Dad, i like this, even though this does mean ill get on the computer less. Tell kate this was a good idea.

    P.S spanish keyboards are crazy!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is there anybody out there?

    Oh yes 🙂


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