Hospital visiting

I have an Auntie M (as opposed to Aunty Em, from Kansas).  She’s always been around for me and she has no offspring of her own, so we’re really close.

Two weeks ago she had a major stroke.  When her neighbour and I found her she was in a pretty bad way and really frightened. I’ve been visiting as often as I can, and every time I go I am amazed at the improvements she is making. Not enormous strides, but small daily triumphs: a few more words in her sentences, or some more movement in her right hand or right leg. Today she was sitting up in a chair ready for my visit.

She has doctors, nurses and therapists putting her through her paces and she is very tired and very frustrated.  But she is very very determined.  She has a long journey ahead of her, but she has taken the first steps back – literally – and I’m very proud of her.

Next Monday will be her 83rd birthday and I have no idea what to get her.

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One Response to Hospital visiting

  1. freya_bean says:

    Sorry to hear Aunt M had a stroke but glad to hear she’s making good recovery progress.

    (Sorry I have no birthday suggestions. I’m currently trying to think of what to get my gran for her 85th too).

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