Order! Order!

So, we have a new Speaker in the House of Commons. 

I have to admit that I don’t pay nearly as much attention to Westminster as I used to – not since the advent of Holyrood – so I’m really not familiar with John Bercow.  But I can’t help feeling that the fact that he has little support from the crustier ranks of his own Tory party can only be a good sign.  And I am fairly certain that he can only be significantly better than the previous buffoon. 

Let’s hope there’s some real change.  Not just in expenses claims, but in the way the whole place does business.  Late night sittings, "talking out" Bills and the whole hon Friend / hon Lady stuff just looks (and is) preposterous in the 21 st century.  Especially when you compare it to the (far from perfect but still more) business-like way the Scottish Parliament or Welsh Assembly go about their business.

As an example, Michael Martin did not, apparently, resign as an MP today.  He was appointed Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead.  Know what that means?  It means he resigned as an MP. 

No wonder so many people are so disengaged with the way the country is run.  Can you name your MP straight off?

Anyhoo, perhaps a youngster like John Bercow is the very man to kick some traditionally-steeped political butt. 

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