Too many legs

I hate spiders – always have, always will. 

Sometimes nowadays, if I am feeling especially brave, I can deal with the smaller ones – and by dealing with, I mean batter the crap out of them, preferably with a long handled, heavy implement.  But tonight, as I was availing myself of the facilities in our smallest room, my spidey-sense quickly spotted a huge feck-off monster lurking around the base of the plumbing.  Mrs WeeKeef was indisposed, so there was no help to be had there.  I leapt into action and whacked the offending arachnid with a bottle of Tesco bleach.

No good.  It got away.  Five minutes later Mrs WK, glowing from her ablutions, caught me prodding tentatively round the far corners of the loo with a plastic sword long since laid aside by Boy 3 (of 3).  I withdrew, humiliated and defeated, switched off the light and closed the door.

It’s still in there. And I’m not sure if I can have a shower in the morning.

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One Response to Too many legs

  1. tramcat says:

    What the readers should know (from Mrs WK) is that he got the sword to go back in the shower room this morning. No blood was shed, though.

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