Apparently all the ills in Scottish society have been solved.  No more poverty.  No more hunger.  No more discrimination.

That’s the only explanation I can think of for Sandra White (SNP) taking the time to lodge a Motion in the Scottish Parliament complaining about the “almost wall-to-wall coverage of the Ashes Test Series by the media“, bemoaning the fact that only limited coverage is given to other sports in Scotland such as “curling“, and claiming that this is “further evidence that Scotland needs its own broadcasting channel “.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a spot of curling.  Mrs WeeKeef is, in fact, something of a demon with the old lumps of granite herself.  And it’s the very thing in the middle of July (FFS!).  But I’m not convinced it’s something we desperately pine to see on our television boxes beyond the four-yearly Olympic coverage.  Heaven knows BBC Alba is exciting enough as it is!

A lesser blogger than myself might be tempted to the thought that Mrs White has taken against cricket simply because it is English and that there are therefore some cheap votes to be had from the tartan fraternity.  But perish the thought.  That surely couldn’t be the case from a woman who, according to her Wikipedia page, has campaigned extensively against racism.

Just in case, well known Rhodesian-about-Holyrood Mike Pringle (LibDem) has lodged a counter Motion with the rather splendid title “I don’t like cricket (Oh no), I love it” which, amongst other things highlights “cricket’s proud history in Scotland…” blah blah blah….

At last count, Mike had 11 supporters to Sandra’s 3.

And I’m singing that damned song.

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One Response to Stumped!

  1. Anonymous says:

    The cricket

    If only there was wall to wall coverage of the Ashes on TV, maybe a devolved Scottish broadcasting authority could require it to be broadcast on terrestial telly…..


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