Stuff in Stuff

People, by which I mean marketing people, have a tendency to over-egg the pudding. Well, that’s their job, and I don’t suppose I should grumble too much if they are good at it. But I do object now and again if the pudding contains rather more than a glut of eggs.  Increasingly, there is a fashion for putting unnecessary, spurious or just plain bizarre stuff into other stuff, in the hope that this somehow makes said latter “stuff” more desirable. And the thing is, we fall for it.

That is why my current brand of washing up liquid contains pomegranates. 

It is why my fridge is full of yoghurts which contain bifidus digestivum. What is that? I don’t know, and neither do you. It sounds like a spell used at Hogwarts to cure tummy ache.

“Bifidus Digestivum”

And it is the reason for my surprise, whilst standing in my shower this morning, on finding that my Limited Edition shower gel contains …… drum roll …….. Icelandic Moss.

What? Is this really the culmination of 4 billion years of evolution?  Is this what we have all been lacking in our daily ablutions for all this time?  Moss?  And not just any old moss.  Icelandic moss!

I wonder if it’s specially formulated for geezers.

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One Response to Stuff in Stuff

  1. tramcat says:

    Reindeer moss is not for geezers – it’s for reindeer – duh!

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