The Pater’s birthday has wound round once again and we had a bit of a birthday tea for him last evening.  No cake or candles, or anything particularly fancy – he doesn’t do fancy nowadays.  But we did get a major bunch of Chinese carry out. 

I love Chinese food, and happily keep ordering as if we were trying to feed the ravening hordes of Ghengis Khan, instead of just the 6 of us – Boy 2 (of 3) was out of the picture, being stuck in bed with his glands.  Anyway, said family being replete, the age old question was raised – what on earth are we going to do with all this leftover food?

It’s at this point that I suggest that we could make a healthful Smoothie out of it.  Mrs WeeKeef, in jolly mood with the hols coming up, decides to give it a whirl.  Literally!  Out comes the blender and 3 minutes later we have produced Sweet’n’Sour-Chili-Chicken-King Prawn-Beef Chow-Mein-in-Oyster-Sauce with Fried Rice and Chips – a light-brown, luke-warm, rather gritty sludge which tasted strangely sweet and produced an MSG rush which would probably qualify it as a Class B drug.  Nasty!   I’m thinking of selling the recipe to the producers of Japanese game shows, looking for a new challenge for their contestants.

Half an hour later we made some more.

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2 Responses to Smooth

  1. alnya says:

    Sweet’n’Sour-Chili-Chicken-King Prawn-Beef Chow-Mein-in-Oyster-Sauce with Fried Rice and Chips

    just that phrase is enough to make me feel nauseous

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