The trouble with cricket

Having defended the hallowed sport of cricket (or at least the right of afficionadoes to follow it) on these pages some weeks ago, I thought I would balance it out by having a bit of a grumble today.

So, what’s wrong with cricket?  The commentators, that’s what.  It’s by no means a new phenomenon, but cricket commentators run an extraordinarily anachronistic old boys club, which has the effect of excluding an awful lot of people before they even get a chance to get into the game. 

Never mind all this "My word, that shot reminded me of that cover drive of Bertie’s in the third test against the Aussies in 1954" nonsense.  It’s the nicknames.  For years we put up with Johnners because he was a bit of British fun, but anyone tuning in to matches nowadays will have his or her ears bent by Tuffers or Blowers or Aggers.

Stop it all of you.  You sound like large-moustachioed WW2 pilots in a dodgy Russ Abbot sketch, waiting to give Gerry a damn good hiding when the balloon goes up. 

I declare!

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One Response to The trouble with cricket

  1. alnya says:

    I dont understand cricket – the scoring confuses me. They seem to deal in fractions.

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