A Long Awaited Party

If you were ever to ask me, at any stage of my life, if I were much of a party animal, I would probably answer in the negative.  However, I do like a bit of a get together.

Yesterday, Mrs WeeKeef and I had an "at home" soiree to mark our respective 49 plus 1th birthdays.  Many of our regular cast were there, of course: myself and Mrs WK; Mrs WK’s sis and Mrs WK’s sis’s husband (jointly known as the ‘stralians (though they are nothing of the sort); Boys 1, 2 and 3 (of 3) all in the one place at the one time; Auntie M, who got home from hospital earlier this week; the Pater and of course the Mater, who strangely has not yet appeared in these annals; and a whole swathe of old friends, new friends, work friends, neighbours and singers.

Chilli, pizza and cupcakes were eaten with gusto, while much wine was quaffed.  I personally consumed the equivalent of my own Archimedean displacement in Merlot, which is no mean feat.  And we sang Garlic Dressing with the Peckham opening.

In short, we had fun and it was lovely to see so many people.  There were a few absent friends, and we missed them too.

But we didn’t keep them any cake.  Oh, no!

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One Response to A Long Awaited Party

  1. Anonymous says:


    Were absent family missed also?

    Still crabby as you can tell….

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