In demand

I have a friend who tells me that I have been neglecting my adoring public.  She goes on to say that I should abandon the displacement activity in which I was engaged, and indulge in this displacement activity instead. 

None of which is addressing the real issue which is that I have a dining table full of choir-related paperwork which is not quite as far advanced as it should be.  And a whole room which, now painted and prettied up, is in need of refurnishing, which will also involve the movement of truck loads of books, DVDs and videos, and the re-siting of this here PC.  And a wife itching to get my attention to re-jig ISAs or FOISAs or Tossers or some such stuff, all of which goes completely over my head (Mrs WeeKeef, you see, has the beauty AND the brains chez nous).

And so I really must not blog, but should go and do something constructive.  Perhaps with a cup of tea.  And a biscuit.

You, however, dear public, may adore all you like.

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One Response to In demand

  1. Anonymous says:

    We’re not worthy

    Ta 😉

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