Out of place

The Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 pre-dates the world wide web by almost 20 years, and certainly came into force long before much of what we now take for granted in terms of modern banking, on-line financing, eBay shopping, etc, etc, etc.

The Act achieved, amongst other things, a major reorganisation of local government in Scotland, and took the fine city of Edinburgh out of the Lothians, administratively, if not geographically, and effectively gave it unitary status. Further reorganisations have followed, but the City of Edinburgh remains alone and aloof – one of the 32 local authority areas in Scotland.

So why in the name of Bob am I required to complete on-line forms and transactions by entering my City as Edinburgh and my County as Midlothian? Edinburgh is not in Midlothian, any more than the Vatican is in Rome. In essence, the system requires me to submit false details. And then to confirm that all details are correct. The tyranny of the drop-down box, and of the required field drives me nuts, in a small way, every time.

And, no, you may not send me details of other products or services which might be of interest. I’ve moved.

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