Alone again, unnaturally

I have been abandoned!

Only temporarily, I have to admit, while Mrs WeeKeef has a girly weekend in that London with a couple of pals and the Ma-in-Law. But these three days are an interesting insight into how my life might otherwise have been, had she not rescued me from 2003.

A life involving sitting on the couch, pointless Facebook gaming, and far too many carbohydrates, apparently. Well, no surprises there, I don’t suppose.

But in fact my big bachelor weekend – let loose on the razzle – has involved a choir committee meeting, a genteel latte with an Australian lady of my acquaintance, and having my 10 year-old ex-nephew-by-divorce * for a sleepover with Boy 3 (of 3). Rock and Roll!

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact the sleepover is kind of cool, as it is actually the first time any of the 3 Boys have had someone to stay since said 2003 (as far as I am aware), and so it is something of a landmark in my own particular set of non-specific worries. But it is probably just as well that I didn’t ever get round to launching myself on an unsuspecting world as the oldest swinger in town. That would just have been a bit sad.

Anyway, must go. That ironing isn’t going to do itself, you know.

* Relationships can get very complicated in this modern world. There is probably an official term for "ex-nephew-by-divorce", but I have no idea what it might be. Either way, Hallmark will have a card for it.

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