And so that was Xmas

There were times during 2009 when I really wasn’t sure that we were all going to make it to Xmas intact.

It’s been a hell of a year in many ways, and increasingly frequent and serious scares and concerns about the health of the Mater, Pater and Auntie M mean that it is actually quite difficult to think back beyond early June.  Of course, those same memory issues may have something to do with the fact that I hit 49 plus 1 in the same month!

There’s also been lots of stuff making it a very busy year, including Boy 2 (of 3) heading for a whole new life, and taking on the best little choir in Christendom.

But, before leaving, I’m also remembering that there have been lots of good things, too.  Fabulous trips to Amsterdam and New York; some wonderful music to sing; good times with friends; and significant birthdays for all five of us chez WeeKeef.  And, of course, just generally, life with Mrs WK, which is always good.

And so we did all make it to Xmas.  All nine of us, including the Ma-in-Law, round the festive table, pulling crackers and telling old stories (again!).  There were a few more walking sticks since last year, but we propped them against the wall and had a good day anyway.

And there was more snow on the ground (and in the air) than I can remember for many a year.  All in all, a good outcome.  Roll on 2010.

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