In a spin

Washing machines are one of those things which just defeat me generally.  They are too big, too leaky, too shaky, too noisy (and too expensive).

Like so much in retail life, there are many things you now have to know before buying a new washing machine.  Detail proffered includes load capacity, energy efficiency, and variable spin speeds.  But none of the white goods companies tells you the most important piece of information.

That is, the length and starting times of the spin cycle.  Our own little gem appears to be equipped with a particularly cunning form of AI which commences the 30,000,000 rev cycle about 10 seconds after I become irrevocably committed to some important task in the kitchen (cooking – washing up – sneaking biscuits from the cupboard), and continues for 6 weeks, or until just before the last pot is done, whichever comes sooner.

Surely Mr Dyson can leave vacuum cleaners alone and turn his awesome intellect to the issue for those of us who fancy clean undies occasionally?

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One Response to In a spin

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dyson washing machines

    He’s made a washing machine already. It is a weird (very expensive) double drummed affair.

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