You say you want a Resolution

Happy New Year readers!

When Mrs WeeKeef set me up in these here parts she was, I believe, hoping that these hallowed pages would allow me to vent my increasingly grumpy old man tendencies.  Instead, she is frequently frustrated by the fact that I spend an extra couple of days trying to wring every last semi-colon out of my brain before committing to print (screen?).

And, of course, she is right in a way.  Every entry here is a hilarious gem of wisdom – but I fully realise that only I think so.  That’s OK.  I’m aware of my own faults.

But, while I don’t want this to be the sort of intermittent diary most beloved of sophomore girls in pink-tinged movies (Alicia Silverstone, you know who you are), there is some scope for a little more spontaneity.  Room to record passing events of note or concern.  Freedom to rant, occasionally.

And so I am resolved to visit a little more often, tag more meaningfully, and generally waste even more time in 2010 than I did in 2009.

Well, she only has herself to blame.

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