Boy 3 (of 3) and I have braved the snow and ice to go and see the much hyped Avatar. Yes, it is very good.  Boy 3 awarded it 102/10, so that’s pretty positive.  

The 3D effects are also getting really good nowadays, and the old-fashioned red & green sweetie paper specs have been replaced by a pair which, despite making one look like Brains from Thunderbirds on his hols, are relatively wearable. Which is good as, judging by the trailers, every movie of 2010 is going to be in 3D (I particularly fancy Tim Burton’s take on Alice in Wonderland).

And it is months since we were last at the movies, so I guess I shouldn’t quibble.  BUT … having spent £21 on 1 adult and 1 child seat (albeit the VIP (ie fat-arsed) seats), and a further £13 on 2 cokes and 2 hot dogs, one might reasonably expect the management of Vue cinemas to provide more than 4 urinals and 2 handbasins to accommodate the entire male customer base of a 12-screen, 2,205 seat cinema.

Not good enough people.  Not nearly good enough.

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