Dreaming of a White Easter

It’s snowing. 

Anyone reading this contemporaneously will immediately respond "Duh".  However, I thought it was worth putting up a marker now, as we will not remember this or believe it in 6 months time.

The fact is, it started to snow 3 weeks ago, on 17th December.  I know this, because Mrs WeeKeef and I were driving to a funeral.  Since that day, there has been snow on the ground ever since, and it has actually snowed on every one of those days, except one (our 3rd Wedding Anniversary, actually.  The Leather Anniversary. No, really!).

Now I like snow as much as the next person, but this is getting beyond a joke.  The entire country is having its worst, most prolonged spell of really bad weather for many many years.  People are stranded, schools are shut, and there have been deaths.    The TV aerial chez nous has fallen off its perch, and taken at least one roof tile with it, and our dustbins have not been emptied since before Xmas.

The Met Office, bless them, predicted a mild winter.  Wrong!  That would follow the "Barbecue Summer" they predicted last year.  Wrong!  The latest news is that this could last for another 2 weeks.  I’m looking out my shorts for tomorrow’s heatwave.

Better slaughter a fresh goat and examine the entrails guys, cause you’re not doing too well so far.

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6 Responses to Dreaming of a White Easter

  1. alnya says:

    Is it snowing? No one has said

    • weekeef says:

      You could have just said “Duh”

      • alnya says:

        I like adding to the hysteria. I’m hoping at some point a weatherman will just spontaneously combust

      • weekeef says:

        Mrs WK and I have our money on Rob McElwee, who has recently turned the 10.30pm bulletin into his own variety show (known here as the Rob McElwee Hour), and appears to take great delight in awful news. Once or twice lately, instead of the traditional “Good Evening”, he has started with the word “Right”, accompanied by a gleeful rubbing of hands.

        It’s nice to see a man enjoy his work so much.

      • tramcat says:

        My favourite Rob McElwee saying is his Gin Clear skies – does this explain anything?

      • weekeef says:

        That explains almost everything.

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