One of the things which Mrs Weekeef expected me (nay, required me) to rant about in these pages is the Edinburgh tram project.  Well, I ain’t going to do it.  Not often, anyway.  It’s not appropriate, and frankly I think Tramcat (and the fabulous Robin) could be doing a much better job of it, if only they focussed!
But I will say this:

  • I love Edinburgh.  I was born here.  I have lived here all my 49 + 1 years.  And I will probably breathe my last here too.
  • I like trams.  I have travelled on them in Foreign.  They are can be great.
  • The fact that Foreign has them is not a good enough reason to spend eye-watering amounts of taxpayers’ money on a single (ever reducing) line (not network), which can only serve a small proportion of the population of this wonderful city, and which is destroying what was formerly the UK’s best bus service. 
  • If we must have them, this is certainly not the way of going about it. 

Increasingly I am beyond angry, and am simply saddened by the damage being done to my lovely home by a bunch of politicians and business people who do not have the guts to admit that enough is enough, and cannot take the decision to stop throwing good money after bad. 

And the assertion in yesterday’s press that the trams will be delivered "on time" in 2012 is simply a lie.  The completion date promised on all the posters was 2010.  Those posters, of course, mysteriously disappeared as soon as the goalposts were shifted.

In short, the entire scheme is unnecessary, expensive, late and damaging to the fabric and economy of our city.  And so I have decided to coin a new portmanteau word.  Trambolic.  Use it freely, people.  I feel it says everything which needs to be said.

Not that I’m complaining, or anything.

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One Response to Trambolic!

  1. Anonymous says:


    Not sure I remember my one and only comment previously being grumpy, but it sounds like me.

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes and for making me cry at work! I had a great Birthday, which fell (fortunately), just short of the ‘Ab Fab Evening’. It did, however, involve my being attacked by a thorny tree whilst trying to walk on an icy path in heels (after taming several red wines).

    There have been many (daily) times in the past 30 years I’ve wished I lived closer to family, but never more than in the past one. Hang in there, BigBro – you’re doing an amazing job.

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