Sibling Revelry

In other news, I ought to say Happy Birthday to WeeSis, my one and only sibling.  I shall not, of course, divulge her age, but I can reveal that she might consider following a family tradition and start her own Live Journal one year from today. 

WeeSis hasn’t been mentioned hereabouts so far, although she did once leave a rather grumpy comment against one of my little offerings.  The main reason she hasn’t appeared is because she is in Foreign.  For an astonishing 30 years she has lived in America-Lite, struggling and pioneering and hacking out a life for herself and family in the wilderness.

And just because I haven’t written about her, do not make the mistake of thinking that she is some shadowy, half-forgotten figure.  On every day of those 30 years I have thought about her and missed her.  We talk regularly, and we are as close as we have ever been, I think.  Amid the grumps and the stress and the worries that appear in these pages, there are also many good things, and she is one of them.

So – Happy Birthday WeeSis.  Get out there into that wilderness and tame a few white wine spritzers.

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One Response to Sibling Revelry

  1. weekeef says:

    Re: Thanks!

    ‘Twas here

    Not that I’m keeping track 😉

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