Sick note

Not too long ago I was looking back at 2009 and commenting that we had had a rough time, family-health-wise.  The implication, and hope was, that 2010 would see us all turn the corner and get back to enjoying ourselves.  That, it would appear, is not to be our fate.  Not yet at least.

There was some joy to be had, of course, when the Mater escaped from the plaster cast around her foot and took her first steps into the new year under her own steam.  But our celebrations were rather crimped when Auntie M suffered a second (more minor) stroke, which has sadly set her back a bit on the path.  Only a couple of precautionary days in hospital this time, but she is chez les Parents for the foreseeable future.  Assuming she can get home at some stage, she will need a lot more help than before.  And if she can’t get home, there are lots of things to be decided ….

So we put January behind us, and decided to look forward to February instead.  Hmm!  As of last night the Pater is now in hospital with a large, sudden hernia, which is to be operated upon sometime later today.  Given the state of his health generally, it is a little worrying and I think he may be in there for a while (whatever his own plans).  Also, there is only so much that the Mater can cope with at one time.

As for me – I have had a toothache for the best (or worst) part of 3 weeks now.  Three visits to the dentist in that time, including several hours last Sunday awaiting emergency treatment – yes, in hospital.  And root canal work to look forward to next month.  All relatively minor in the grand scheme of things, of course, but enough to make me rather sore, swollen and grumpy.

Now I am not a religious man (shock!).  I do not seek to blame such a run of crappity on offended deities.  Nor am I given to getting down and praying to any ephemeral or ethereal being in the vain hope of intervention.  But just by all the laws of chance and probability, we have to be due a break soon.  Really – enough is enough.

I’m sick of it.

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One Response to Sick note

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’ve had your share

    Definitely think you’ve had your share. Hope you are all better soon.

    Big hugs


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