Wrong number

My broadcast entertainment is constantly being spoiled in order to pander to the telephonically bewildered.

I refer, of course, to the inescapable adverts for directory enquiry services. Television programmes are frequently interrupted by maniacally mincing men with moustaches, while local radio is apparently in thrall to some cheap bird called Maureen. The advertising budgets must be huge.

My question is: who is it all aimed at? I can’t remember when I last had to call enquiries, but it might have been in August 2002, when buying a car (this is true). Nowadays I generally have the numbers I need in my phone already, or I google, and very occasionally I look at the phone book.

Who are these millions of people who are continually thinking up new places to call on a whim? And why do they have to be reminded so regularly of the number they have to call if they can’t remember the number they have to call?

It’s all very irritating, and I should really lodge a complaint about it. But I don’t know the number to call.

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