Under a spell

Spent a fair amount of Wednesday evening worrying about whether I had just alienated half my friends, given my last entry, but it turns out that it’s OK to actually rant (Mrs WeeKeef’s Plan A, as previously discussed), judging by the positive feedback I have been getting here and there.

Anyway, normal service will be resumed shortly, but I thought it interesting to note that very few people, including myself, can spell Atheism.  I had an extra "e" in there throughout, and had not subjected the entry to my normally meticulous (some might say anal) level of checking and cross-checking before posting the entry.

It took about 60 hours before someone (who I have not seen in several years) pointed it out in the comments to someone else’s repost of the entry* in another place (Fb).  Ah, the shame!  I have, however, decided to forgive my "outer" because:

  1. He is a civil servant;
  2. He is a singer; and
  3. He is (dammit) absolutely right.

I shall give myself 49 + 1 lines and say a Hail Mary.

* Does this mean that WK has gone viral? Fame at last!

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