Clocking off

So, the big hand has once again pointed to the end of October and all over the country Dads (why is it always the Dad?) have been turning our timepieces back to good old Greenwich Mean Time.

I myself spent a chunk of Sunday morning padding from room to room, seeking out clocks, watches, radio alarms, DVD players, DABs, and the dashboards of 2 cars to make sure that all were back in harmony with the meridian.  Just for once I made sure that everything was in order on the correct day, rather than forgetting about some obscure dial, to be discovered guiltily displaying British Summer Time at a point half way through January.

It’s not the job it used to be, either.  Not only do we have to contend with figuring out how many clicks are required on the winder to adjust the time, as opposed to sending your watch a day forward, leading to 30 days of fruitless winding to recover the position.  We also have to figure out which instruments are self regulating.  Some are, some aren’t.  

The computers are fine, and I don’t even think about them anymore.  The timer on the gas boiler corrects itself, which is a bit spooky, unless we have a central heating system that is internet enabled.  That would certainly explain the price of the thing!  The digitial radio in our bedroom self corrects but, irritatingly, it doesn’t do it at 2 am as it is supposed to, or indeed at any time when I have been keeping an eye on it.  But what about the rest?  Mrs WeeKeef’s phone does.  Mine doesn’t.  Why is that?

And then of course there is the question of buttons.  Some have to be held down.  Some have to be double clicked.  Some have to be pressed and held in arcane combinations, whilst cranking a further knob at the far end of the equipment.  And you can never find the instructions.

Anyway, it’s just one of those odd little rituals that we have to go through twice a year.  It’s a nuisance, and it’s a pain in the neck, and we could all live without it.  

So imagine my annoyance on getting home at the end of Monday to find that we had had a short but crucial power cut early in the evening.  Not enough to thaw the freezer, you understand. No, no.  Just enough to reset all the damn clocks in the house. 

There’s another 30 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. (GMT)

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2 Responses to Clocking off

  1. freya_bean says:

    In our family it was always the Dads that changed the clocks because they were the ones that had to get up for work in the morning. If it wasn’t right, it was their own fault (yes the women in my family are all about the blame).

    Your phone might not change itself because it might not have been enabled to do so? My old phone had a weird route to get to the date and time settings, and an even weirder one to toggle DST on and off – which did so at midnight which wasn’t in the least bit helpful if you were out and about – so I ended up leaving it off and doing it manually.

    The clock change thing messes with your body clock too. I know its only an hour, but I feel like I have some kind of temporal lag for about a week afterwards!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Last year I spent all winter having to deduct an hour from the time displayed in my car. About a month before we were due to ‘spring forward’ again, I found the manual.

    It was a good month though!

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