Going down a bomb

I’ve previously commented on some of the Motions tabled by MSPs in our lovely Scottish Parliament. Today’s gem for debate comes from Bill Kidd – again from the SNP – on the subject of Scotland’s Nuclear Weapons-free Zones and calls, amongst other things for the establishment of a succession of nuclear weapons-free zones in Scotland in homes, classrooms, places of work, etc, etc.

Now, I know there are those people who believe that the state of the country’s youth is pretty dire, and that we are all well on the way to hell in a hand basket. I’m pretty sure, however, that the number of tactical nuclear weapons being traded for Yu-Gi-Oh cards around Primary 7 is pretty low.

The Motion goes on to call for the registration of Scotland as a single-state nuclear weapons-free zone with the United Nations, and asks other states with such weapons not to use them on us.

Well, I for one will sleep easier tonight. In my bunker.


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