Bard stiff

I have already wondered aloud whether Rrrrrabbie Burns is necessarily the best role model for 21st century Scots chaps, but here we are again approaching Haggis Night and the man is trying to take over my shiny new iPhone.

Under the headline "An app’s an app for a’ that" (sigh) the Scottish Government has launched a free App offering the full library of Rrrrrabbie’s poems and songs, along with a handy guide to catching and killing your haggis (not really).

Well, it’s nice to know our tax bawbees are being put to good use.

The justification, of course, is that Burns is still at the centre of efforts to market Shortbread Scotland to Jockie Foreigner.  According to the current Meenister for Culchur "Robert Burns is Scotland’s greatest cultural icon … His legacy is of incalculable value to … the country’s image abroad".

Really?  A man who was perennially unemployed, shagged his way across the country, and drank himself into an early grave?  I kind of thought that was exactly the image we were trying to get away from.

Perhaps I just don’t have the right artistic temperament.

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