You say you want a revolution

For some days, weeks and months the more churlish amongst us have been complaining that they don’t give a rats ass about the Royal Wedding.  As predicted by yours truly some 6 months ago, there has been a noticable upsurge in rediscovered Scottishness and/or Republicanism, and not a few friends, family and colleagues have spent a fair amount of time and effort protesting that they are not going to waste any time or effort over it.

They must have had a pretty miserable time watching (or rather NOT watching) so many people being happy today.

As for me, I have spent much of my extra day off plumped on the couch with Mrs WeeKeef, taking in some history, laughing at the nobs and the plebs in equal measure, and generally being OK about the whole thing.  Highlights include:

  • laughing at Princess Beatrice’s hat
  • swearing loudly and vehemently at that arse Simon Schama
  • filling up at the beauty of (some of) the music
  • applauding the bit with the Aston Martin
  • discussing whether our future Queen is hot (she is)

A pretty good return for the 67 new pence of my taxes which have contributed to the event, I think.

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