Off the rails

From tomorrow, Edinburgh's busiest and most iconic street will close (again) for almost a year.

This is not for your travelling convenience.  It is not to improve journey times across the city.  It is not to expand and enhance the sustainable transport choices in your city.  It is not even, Council Leader Jenny Dawe "… a first step in getting the works moving forward".

It is simply an attempt (probably doomed) by a shitty contractor to put right a shitty job done on a shitty project for a shitty management company owned by a shitty council.  For a shitload of money.

Come next July we will actually be no further forward at all, and we will probably have the same lot of arseholes re-elected to systematically destroy our city for another 4 years.

I'll probably be late for work tomorrow.  And the next day.  And the next day.  And th……

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