Well seasoned

I’ve just spent an hour or so in our local Tesco* with Mrs WeeKeef and have been thoroughly confused by the lack of any reasonable time line in the place.

Immediately upon entering of course, one’s senses are attacked by the serried ranks of Halloween goodies for sale. Not so very long ago you might get the odd apple for dooking or a bag of monkey nuts. Nowadays the place is packed with pumpkins, 2kg tubs of Haribo treats, devil horns, Mummy outfits and onesie pyjamas in the most garish shade of orange I have seen since we redecorated my bedroom in the 1970s.

I don’t mind this.  Halloween has always been fun for kids and over-eating and silly costumes are part of the fun. (We can discuss the more dubious aspects of adults dressing up at a later stage!).  I don’t even mind that it has been “Americanised” to become Trick-or-Treat for many people. Frankly, it’s more honest and most kids nowadays don’t even know the meaning of “hallow e’en” anyway.  But none of this is really my point.

My point is that whilst wandering through the rest of the store our senses and wallets were also assaulted by several other “seasonal” offers including (chronologically) “Bumper Party Packs” to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee (4 months ago) and tins of biscuits, boxes of chocolates and bags of nuts marked “Christmas at Tesco”.

It’s all a bit too much. I have enough trouble keeping track of food miles, never mind food seasons. It’s like shopping in the Tardis.

Except the inside of our local Tesco is bigger.

*Yes, we shop at Tesco sometimes. Get over it.

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