The West Wing

Almost exactly seven years ago Mrs WeeKeef and I moved into The Lovenest. It’s our first house together, and is a fairly typical Edinburgh “chalet bungalow” which has the dubious benefit of being the same age as us. We like it and we plan to be here for quite a while.

But of course nothing is ever perfect and we moved in with plans for “improvements” along the way. Four years ago we embarked upon Phase 1, which involved knocking down a wall, building a new kitchen and changing the staircase. It was a huge job (for us) and we lost a whole room numerically speaking, but we got what we wanted and have been very happy with the outcome.  Phase 2 happened two years later and was much more minor, with a bit of remodelling upstairs.

Now we are two years on again and Phase 3 is about to begin. The 1970s extension stuck on the side of the house is in need of a bit of “tarting up” and, more significantly, some insulation as it currently has none whatsoever.  This would be OK if we were curing hams out there in the freezing cold, but it actually houses our bedroom, Boy 3 (of 3)’s bedroom and a shower room. All can be a bit brisk now the nights are starting to draw in.

So next week “our builders” are back. We have spent the past few days emptying our comfy little world into the rest of the house (and the Mater’s spare bedroom) in preparation for Davy, Andy, Eddie, Gordon, Paul and the rest of the crew turning up to take our west wing to bits.  In about a month it will be shiny and cosy, with a groovy new shower room. We hope.

All we have to do is move rooms, shift furniture, pick out bathroom fittings, choose tiles, decide where we want the electric sockets, agree a colour scheme, commit to floor coverings, select curtains, take decisions, stop panicking, etc, etc, etc.

Oh, and pay bills. Lots of bills.

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