Ring of no confidence

Things were simpler when I was a lad. Much simpler.  And choices were fewer.  Sometimes that’s a good thing.

For example, when I was young there was a limited range of things one could clean one’s teeth with. I’m not talking hickory twigs and stuff here. I just mean that toothpaste brands were limited in number and a family tended to stick with what they knew.  Nowadays, we are so bombarded with choices that it is ridiculously difficult to come to a decision on which brand to go for.  And then you have the additional problem of choosing the best type of toothpaste by that maker.

Now, without meaning to advertise or endorse any particular product I am, and have been for some time, a Sensodyne man: I’m a sensitive chap generally, and that applies to my teeth as much as any other bit of me.

All well and good you might think, but when Mrs WeeKeef announced she was off shopping I asked her to pick me up some new toothpaste. A simple enough request you might think, but she asked me what type. “Sensodyne” says I. “Yes, but what type?” came the reply. And that’s the real issue.

Because there’s Sensodyne, and then there’s Sensodyne. And then there’s Sensodyne. And then …

Well, you get the idea.  In fact, a check of the said product on-line reveals that there are in fact 18 different tooth cleansing products revelling in the name, and 3 implements with which to apply them.  Too much choice! So Mr & Mrs O’Dyne have helpfully provided a short questionnaire to help you check which product best suits you.

I did the questionnaire:

  • Yes, I have sensitive teeth;
  • Yes, I like to use established products from well known brands; and
  • Tooth-whitening is moderately important to me

And the answer is … I should purchase Sensodyne Total Care F.


Mrs WK was not armed with this knowledge when she left for the shops, so I can’t really blame her for not getting it. She came back with Sensodyne Daily Care.

Which isn’t even on the website. That’s 19 now.

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