Twenty things

There’s a whole internet thing about making lists of the 25 things about me type. Well, few of us are here because we’re shy, so I guess that’s OK.

The trouble is, most of the things that circulate are pretty much the same: talking about things people like, or things they have done, etc. I often think that it’s interesting to hear about what people have not done. You get that “Really?” reaction far more often.

So here, for no real reason and in no particular order, is a list of 20 things I have never done.

  1. Ridden a horse
  2. Gone to a music festival
  3. Had an affair
  4. Voted Labour
  5. Claimed on my car insurance
  6. Taken illegal drugs
  7. Gone skiing
  8. Watched X-Factor
  9. Been arrested
  10. Seen The Shining
  11. Bagged a Munro
  12. Taken part in a protest march
  13. Used fake tan
  14. Got a degree
  15. Gone on a proper diet
  16. Had sex with two women (at once)
  17. Bought something on eBay
  18. Fired a gun
  19. Joined a gym
  20. Travelled into space

And, do you know, there’s really only a couple of those that I wish I had. Well, it’s never too late.

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