Eating out – Iris

Just over a year ago Mrs WeeKeef and I were strolling along Edinburgh’s Thistle Street when we spotted a new (to us) eatery – Iris. As is our custom we had a peer inside and a look at the menu. Nice, we thought, must try it sometime. Since then, Boy 2 (of 3) and his Young Lady have had a very nice meal there, and colleagues at work recommend it highly. So, a year to the day later, I thought we should give it a whirl for our 6th Anniversary lunch.

And I’m glad we did. The website promises stylish working lunches and informal evening meals, and that about sums up the feel: light, comfortable and friendly. Both menus – set lunch and a la carte – also live up to the “modern European” promise, with a decent selection of wines by glass and bottle. So far so good.

In the event we went for the set menu, both starting with small spring rolls stuffed full of pork, beansprouts and spring onions in a finger-lickin’ sticky sauce with just the right amount of chilli. Mrs WK followed this with fillet of sea bream with pesto and roasted (for which read “lightly-warmed”) tomatoes, while I had beef olives, stuffed with haggis in a cracked black peppercorn sauce – rich and quite perky.

If there were any weaker spots at all it was in the puddings: the de-constructed orange cheesecake was a bit too de-constructed  and my chocolate crepe with ice cream lacked conviction. As herself said, if the ice cream was advertised as “vanilla” it would have been great, but you expect something a bit more from “vanilla pod” ice cream.

But these are minor quibbles. What we had was a very nice 3 course lunch for two, with wine and coffee, for £50. And yes, I would definitely go back, if only to try dipping into the a la carte offerings. Griddled swordfish with spicy pineapple salsa has me intrigued for a start …

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