The Works

I mentioned earlier that we were embarking on some home improvements. Well, it took two months instead of one, but the chaps came, worked hard and finished the last couple of bits just before Xmas.

And the results are just great. The primary aim of insulating the West Wing so as to avoid freezing our butts off has been achieved, plus we now have a completely re-done bedroom, a lovely new, bigger shower room and, having persuaded Boy 3 (of 3) to move upstairs, we appear to have acquired what Mrs WeeKeef is referring to as her “Dressing Room”.

Actually, it’s where we keep the ironing. And her shoes.

Either way, the work is done and the bills are (pretty much) paid.  Just a few pictures to go on the walls, and then a lifetime of finding plaster dust in nooks and crannies.

If you want to see how we got from

kk 1to      kk 5

and from

bits 1

to       bits 4

there’s a bunch of photos here

And yes, we can recommend a good builder.

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