I’m not the only musical one in the family, you know. Oh, no.

Boy 1 (of 3), for example, used to tickle the ivories (well, the plastickies) for a while, and Boy 3, as I may have mentioned before, toyed with the cello. I say “toyed” …..

But it is Boy 2 who has stuck with things, having taken up the guitar a few years back, got some proper lessons and proved to be really rather good, although you had to sneak a listen as he was never much into actual public performance. Certainly not with us at home.

So it was interesting to hear that he was thinking of getting a new guitar when the inevitable Xmas pressie discussions came about. It’s good to know he is still playing and enjoying his music – which is what music is supposed to be all about, after all.

In the event, it seems he has gone a slightly different direction and got himself a banjo. Blimey! I am, of course, thrilled that he is expanding his horizons, but I am equally thrilled that he is taking his first tentative steps along the path whilst in Dundee some 60 miles away. I dare say it will be a little while before he is as good as the young fellow below but Boy 2 does (it’s fair to say) have the advantage in the looks department.

All of which brings us to the joke which my singing teacher, on being told the latest news, passed on to me:

Q – What’s the difference between a Harley-Davidson and a banjo?

A – You can tune a Harley.

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