Salad days

Packed off for a spot of supermarket shopping while Mrs WeeKeef gets her hair done, with a shopping list which is at best hasty and at worst unhelpful.

Mercifully it was not a long list, but more than 50 per cent  of the time in store was spent trying to get to grips with the item “bag of salad”. Do you know how many different varieties of bagged salad there are in Waitrose at Morningside?

Do you know? Could you guess?

Twenty-nine (29), that’s how many.

Yes, I know I have been here with the whole toothpaste thing not so long ago, but if this blog is here for no other reason, it does no harm to restate now and again that the world has gone mad. Once upon a time going greengrocery shopping for my Gran involved getting half-a-stone of potatoes, some “nice” tomatoes and “a bit of” cucumber.

Nowadays I am faced with the choice of twenty-nine different flavours of bagged salad, and there are only three things I can be certain of:

  1. All of them are predominantly green;
  2. All of them involve some ridiculous variety of what we used to just call lettuce; and
  3. All of them are vastly overpriced when compared to some nice tomatoes and a bit of cucumber.

I’m a bloke. I did what all blokes do when faced with such a dilemma. I chose the variety that was on a 2-for-1 offer. And that seemed to be just fine with Mrs WK.

Incidentally, people sometimes ask why I spend time writing about stuff like this.  I answer “Just Cos”.

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