Breakfast of Champions

Quite apart from being a bit of a brainbox in the maths and sciences department (at last – a son with earnings potential), Boy 3 (of 3) has really taken to the fine old game of rugby football since he hit high school.

After-school training sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, plus one and sometimes two matches at the weekend are a big commitment for a 14 year old but he seems to be loving it. So much so that he has now signed up to Wednesday breakfast training: an hour of coaching from 7 am (-.-) then a quick team breakfast before classes.

So this morning he gets himself up and out by 06.30, carting a whole lot of bags which include the breakfast which will see him through the next 10 hours.

And what was this healthful repast, I hear you ask. Was it

    • a big bowl of muesli with freshly foraged nuts and berries?
    • a raw mammoth steak dripping with protein?
    • a full English to stick in the microwave?

It was not. It was two pain au chocolat in a freezer bag.

How middle class is he?

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