Tickets please

Dear Cineworld Cinemas

I’ve been trying to book seats to see “The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug” at Cineworld, Fountain Park, Edinburgh.  This has proved all but impossible. I shall tell you why.

I located your website through Google. Good start. I selected the right cinema and found that there are three separate entries for The Hobbit. One is for the 2D version, one for 3D and one for Imax 3D. Your webpage does not indicate which is which, and it is necessary to click through the “Book Online” button for each instance. At this point I found I had to re-select the cinema but, never daunted, I did so, then picked my date and time and clicked the “Book now” button. Sadly, this link does not take me to a booking page, but instead links direct to your Facebook page.

So, I went back several steps. This time I selected the “Buy tickets” button on your main webpage for the cinema I wanted. This takes me to a booking page (hurrah!) where I once again have to select the cinema, film, date and time. This is getting tedious.

There are then three further pages of details to fill in concerning my actual booking, not including the pop-up asking me to join your “club”, before getting to a button marked “Authorise Payment”.  None of these three pages gives me any clue as to what you consider to be a “Child” for the purposes of ticket buying, and I have to track down that information by going off to an entirely different page on your website. In addition, none of the booking process up to this point has allowed me to select my seating – surely not too much to ask.

At this point I am somewhat exasperated and decide to call the cinema on the clearly advertised number, despite the fact that this is a premium rate telephone line. I do so, and get a reply straight away (hurrah) from a piece of generic, UK-wide, automatic, voice recognition software asking what cinema I am interested in (sigh), but failing to recognise the first two (legitimate) answers I give.

Enough. This is just shit and I have now wasted twenty-five minutes of my time trying to give you my custom. Well, you ain’t getting it. I have taken said custom to Vue, where the film times are slightly less ideal than I had hoped, but the booking experience is quick and simple.

Oh, and I would have liked to complain to you direct but am having to vent my ire this way because the “Email Us” link on your webpage doesn’t work.


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