1966 and all that

So, the World Cup (of soccer) has started and I guess I shall be watching a bit more of the sport than usual in the next few weeks.  This is despite an outrageous opening match which was stolen by hosts Brazil by way of several very strange refereeing decisions and the worst episode of outright cheating I’ve seen since … since … Oh, I don’t know, probably the last time I watched football. (Guess who drew Croatia in the office sweepstake 😦 )

Far more importantly, England opens their campaign this evening (see, I’ve got all the jargon) leading inevitably to endless references to the fact that said country once won the World Cup 48 years ago. So here is a bit of free advice on the issue.

Get over it logo (red)




No, not you BBC, ITV, English people, etc, etc.  I mean Scottish people. It’s been building up for a while but the next few weeks will see such a display of intolerance, discrimination and downright bad behaviour that it makes me ashamed to be a British person living north of Hadrian’s Wall.

Let’s be clear here, if Scotland were ever to win the World Cup (pauses for reality to reassert its hold on the universe) we would NEVER hear the last of it. Ever. Good Lord, the Government is currently trying its hardest to sell us grievously over-priced tickets to a celebration of the last thing Scotland won, and that was 700 years ago.

So this post is aimed in particular at the “Anyone But England” camp (ABE).

Three things:

  1. It’s not big, it’s not clever, but it is a bit pathetic;
  2. Let them down there have their bit of glory – it ain’t going to last long; and
  3. SNP (Scotland’s Not Playing)*


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