Stow it

In an undoubted first for this blog, and probably a last, I am writing this some 35,000 feet above the North Atlantic. Myself, Mrs WeeKeef and Boy 3 (of 3) have just spent 18 excellent days taking in the joys of Canada, much of it with WeeSis and her family who grace that nation’s capital.

I am not, however, here to regale you with tales of our hols and 700 accompanying photographs. Certainly not. That will come later!

No, I am here to ask a question. And it is this: what on earth are folk thinking when they plan their “hand luggage”? The clue is in the title people. If you cannot lift it with your hand, arguably two hands, then it should be in the hold. If you have to wheel it up the aisle, demolishing toes along the way and then need help from two cabin crew to get it in the locker, you are having a laugh.

And if, like a woman on this here flight AC1904, you interpret a maximum of two items as a wheelie-case, a backpack, a plastic duty free bag of goodies, a purse, a phone and an iPad, then you are just taking the piss, frankly. In my humble opinion you should be turned back at the gate and made to start again.

It is people such as this who lead to a situation where my hat, my lovely hat as seen in a picture close to this message, is being crushed in an overhead locker right now. I am not happy.

Incidentally, this is not a new complaint of mine (you’ll be shocked to learn). I well remember the last time I was on a plane to America-lite. On that occasion there were two women who were clearly on their way to a wedding and created mayhem by supplementing their so-called hand luggage with an enormous formal hat box (each), which one was led to believe constituted the most fragile thing on that plane. They checked and they re-checked and they fussed and they were a nightmare.

The fact that the two women were actually the Mater and Auntie M, and that the bride-to-be was the aforementioned WeeSis is no excuse.

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