Eating out – First Coast

You might be forgiven for thinking that Mrs WeeKeef and I have given up our forays into Edinburgh’s eateries. Not a bit of it, as my waistline will (sadly) attest. We are lucky enough to live in a city which, in a relatively small space, has a wide range of choices of cuisine and some really great and/or interesting places to eat.

First Coast is both great and interesting. We discovered it about 13 months ago when it turned up as a nice-looking neighbourhood place to eat with a pre-theatre menu, just round the corner from a show we were seeing that evening, along with three friends. In our hour there we were treated to two of the tastiest courses I had had for a while, from an interesting and varied menu promising all sorts of adventures with tastes and spices. The only down-side was that we had limited time to enjoy ourselves before having to dash off to the show.

But, an hour or so later, full of culture and cheeks sore from laughing so much at the Spooky Men’s Chorale (check them out), we dashed back round the corner to have pudding and coffee.

How good is First Coast? Well, it is the only restaurant anywhere, ever that I have visited twice in one evening!

More than that, Mrs WK and I have been back five or six times since. That’s once every couple of months in a city with something north of 500 places to eat. We’ve variously taken the Mater, WeeSis and the Ma-in-Law. And it has been excellent every time: bright, friendly space, lovely staff and tasty, tasty dishes.

For our most recent visit we both started with dinky little thai fishcakes with a mango salad and perky chilli dip. My lady companion then followed with deep fried cauliflower with a pistachio dukkah, and preserved lemon cous cous, while I had a moist, succulent piece of steamed hake on a bed of creamy mash with a crab & tarragon sauce (washed down with a rather nice Breton cidre).

How good is First Coast? It is very good indeed.

But you must never go there, or we might not get a table.

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