Every bog has its day

Well, there really is a day for everything, isn’t there?

Today is a historic day. It is, for example, the day when four years of my hard work are exposed for comment, acclaim and/or ridicule. While I sit by and am unable to comment. Yet.

It is also the day when the Braw Leader steps down and his successor is appointed. All change? We will see.

And it is World Toilet Day.

There is much which I could say about this and much of it would be in the form of hideous puns. But there is also in there somewhere a serious point to be made about the plight of so many people around the world who do not have access to clean water and decent sanitation.

And so I shall simply leave you to ponder the state of your own plumbing with this serendipitous thought.

I found out this latest pearl of commemorative information by way of Parliamentary Motion.

Of course.

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