One lump or two

One of the many joys of being a parent is the ability to mark the passage of time by milestones in the lives of one’s children.

They come thick and fast at first, of course, as we celebrate (and bore others with) the first smile, first full night’s sleep, first solid nappy, first tooth, etc. Then there is the first day at school, first nativity play, first exam results, first girl/boy friend. First job.

The fact that said offspring are getting a bit older and less amenable to “a fuss” over such matters doesn’t mean that these steps are any less notable or important. And I guess (and hope) that that feeling continues all through our lives together.

Boy 1 (of 3) has been living away from home for some years now while Boy 2, having returned from Dundee after graduation, has been lodging at his mothers’ house. For various reasons both have recently decided to move up a little on the property ladder and arrived at the idea of sharing a “decent” flat in town – a surprising decision in some ways but a very sensible solution to their respective situations. They moved into quite a nice wee flat about three weeks ago and seem to be settling in well.

And so, around 10 days ago, Mrs WeeKeef and I were invited, along with the Mater and Boy 3 (of 3), to view their new home and to have a cuppa.

Ok it’s no Kodak moment, but that cup of tea and Cadbury’s chocolate mini roll (yum) were just as significant, just as special to me in their own way, as all of the wonderful milestones we have passed already.

Still, I do worry a bit that it’s all just an elaborate set-up for a late 1970s sitcom.

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