Visiting rights

I seem to have this habit of deciding on the very last day of each year to do a bit of a blog, with apologies for being so crap in the past 12 months, and promises of better focus in the months to come. Well, everyone else is doing it over on Facebook, so why shouldn’t I?

Not that I have that much to say – what else is new? For reasons not entirely unconnected with Boy 3 (of 3)’s inability to plan more than three hours ahead we are spending yet another quiet Hogmanay evening at home, without said Boy but with both mothers and a sister-in-law. All the ladies are currently watching Local Hero, a splendid movie but one I know the dialogue of by heart.

So here I am with you.

And I’m thinking that 2015 has been an OK year all in all. Some issues and disappointments. Even the occasional actual failure, but nothing to get too worried about in the grand scheme of things. Much more importantly there has been lots of fun, lots of singing and quite a lot of house hunting.

Perhaps most importantly, and assuming we get through the next 90 minutes or so unscathed, this has been the first year since 2008 that I have not had to spend any time in hospital, visiting elderly relatives. Admittedly there are slightly fewer of them to worry about nowadays but it’s significant nonetheless.

And so I think I will just go into 2016 hoping for more of that. More fun. More music. More health.



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