Don’t call us

I’m heading in to work an hour late after BT Openreach engineer #3 turned up promptly for our 8am appointment. Which BT had failed to tell us about. After 90 minutes, however, said engineer concluded that we have a fault and they will have to dig up Mrs WeeKeef’s lovely front garden to trace it and fix the problem.

This would be shocking news if, in fact, it was news at all. It is, however, exactly what BT Openreach engineer #1 told us 22 days ago, not long after we first notified them of the problem. In fact, the only person surprised by any of this is the aforesaid engineer #3 as it would appear there is no paperwork from the earlier visit.

Quite what handsome but ultimately pointless BT Openreach engineer #2 achieved last week is a moot point.

Anyway, it seems that the fault lies somewhere between the junction box on the pavement and the junction box attached to the outside of our house. BT engineers #4, #5, …. #n will now have to arrange a time to come with a digger to find the exact location of the problem.  This would be easier if the (apparent) change of cables underground had been recorded. But there is no paperwork.

“So,” says I, “when might this be?”  “No idea” says #3. He’ll log the call but it is a different group that will come to find the fault. In the meantime, and I’m quoting here, the problem will only get worse as time goes on.  Gee, thanks.

And all of this on the day the telecoms watchdog Ofcom issues a report criticising BT Openreach for “woeful levels of service”.

Once again I am failing to be shocked.


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