Reasons to be cheerful 1-2-3

It’s been a bit of an odd week boy-wise.

Last Saturday Mrs WeeKeef and I were invited to a wedding.  Just the evening “do” but it’s a while since we were at anything similar and the fabulous Mrs WK does enjoy a bit of a dance.  The Groom was actually a member of her team at work so several of her crowd were there, including Boy 1 (of 3) who shares the same employer.  It was, it struck me half-way through the evening, probably the first time I have been the “incomer” to his group at such an occasion and it was interesting, and nice, to see him in his natural habitat. Blimey, I thought, he is really grown up!

Then, on Sunday afternoon, we get an unannounced visit from Boy 2 (of 3) who is generally the coolest of the bunch, but is somewhat discombobulated on this occasion.  He is taking his first steps into the housing market and has spent the last few weeks perusing and viewing a number of city-centre flats, without much success.  This weekend, however, he has gone off-piste and has been to see a suburban detached house. Small, at the top of his price range and entirely not what he was looking for.  And yet here he is, smitten and talking about putting in an offer.  Blimey, I thought, he is really grown up.

And then yesterday Boy 3 (of 3) reached his 18th birthday.  Eighteen, for crying out loud! Admittedly, it being a Tuesday, the celebrations were understated, with the “highlight” being a final outing for me, the Ex and him at Parent-Teacher night, discussing his exams and the options for University after the summer. Blimey, I thought, he really is growing up.

And that’s the thing. They are not boys any more.  They are young men, and very fine ones at that. They are making their own ways in the world and seem to be reasonably well adjusted, generally happy, and all round nice people. You would like them.

It was once said of me (maybe more than once) that I am not very ambitious. Well, to be honest, all I have ever really wanted to be is a good husband and a good dad. I hope I am both.

And all you Presidents and Prime Ministers and CEOs and medal winners and consultants and workers and movers and shakers and strivers and climbers and worriers: I am filled with admiration for many of you (not all!).

But here is my thing: I have already achieved my greatest ambition.  I have Boys 1-2-3 and I couldn’t ask for more than that.

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