About Me

The general received wisdom around here is that I should do a bit of an “About Me” session.  Why?  I should imagine that the small, but deeply worried band of people who read this at all probably know me already, and do not relish any more insights into what makes me clunk.  But just in case ….

This is me.  Born, bred and living in Edinburgh.  And I’ll probably breathe my last here, unless something awful happens (say, in the next 2 to 5 years).  In my fifties.  Married, three  boys, divorced, married again.  Work hard – but let’s not talk about that.  Lucky enough to have a roof over my head, warm feet and a glass of wine now and again.  I’m a terrible procrastinator, rubbish at DIY and  have a decent enough voice to be allowed to sing some incredible music.

And every now and again I do this blogging thing.  It was the wife’s idea in the first place.  She thought she should give me somewhere to vent the ire of daily life and get it out of my system.  What she actually got was an occasional poor-man’s Sunday supplement piece with a perky bon mot to round it off.

So welcome to fortynine plus one up.  It’s not about anything (except me).  It has no publication schedule, it doesn’t mean anything really, and it isn’t meant to change the world.  It’s just here because sometimes I have a thought, and sometimes they amuse (me).  The grumpiness is (often) only partly serious, and the worries are just part of being alive.  Actually, I am really, really happy.

The pictures at the top of the page were taken by me, and all of the views are mine. Except the funny ones.  I stole those.


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