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I’m not the only musical one in the family, you know. Oh, no. Boy 1 (of 3), for example, used to tickle the ivories (well, the plastickies) for a while, and Boy 3, as I may have mentioned before, toyed … Continue reading

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You say you want a revolution

For some days, weeks and months the more churlish amongst us have been complaining that they don’t give a rats ass about the Royal Wedding.  As predicted by yours truly some 6 months ago, there has been a noticable upsurge … Continue reading

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Music was my first love

I sing. I love singing. Sometimes I get paid for singing. Which is nice. I’ve mentioned this before, of course, but not in any way which emphasises the huge part it plays in my life.  I generally have some sort … Continue reading

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The ear of the beholder

I don’t like Bach. That’s Johann Sebastian, not Catherine. This is a heinous admission for somebody with aspirations as a singer and musician, but old JSB just doesn’t do it for me.  I realised this while listening to the B … Continue reading

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