Can we take our work outside, Miss?

Something happens to education in the summer term.  Basically, classes (as the readers of the Daily Express would understand them) pretty much seem to stop.  Instead, the April to June term is filled with sports days, jumble sales and school trips.

Boy 3 (of 3) has headed off today, sans uniform, for a trip to the Scottish Deer Centre.  He’s in his coolest togs, and has enough packed lunch to choke the King Stag.  It’s a beautiful sunny day and in around 7 hours a bunch of 10 year olds will be returning to Edinburgh done to a crisp.

And the thing is, I’m not much better.  Today’s "9 to 5" is time shifted to "12 to 8" and I therefore have this sunny morning to do things.  Household type things.  Important, business type things.  Yes, dear I’m on it type things.  But instead I’m sitting here talking to you.  Which is to say myself.

Maybe I’ll go have another coffee in the garden ……

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3 Responses to Can we take our work outside, Miss?

  1. alnya says:

    The sort of weather that makes you want to take Connect 4 into the office 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    dossing in the garden

    No – I’m definitely not writing this while sitting in the garden, 0h no……..

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