Those wedding bells

So there is to be a Royal Wedding next year. Half the country is already shopping for souvenir plates online and hanging out the flags, while the other half is dusting down its half-forgotten socialist credentials and threatening to withhold its taxes so there is no chance of helping to oppress the proletariat financially.

To be honest, I am neither up nor down. They are two hot young things with a part to play in our lives, and I hope they survive the crap.

I’m more amused by the reaction of the Braw Leader who immediately tried to claim a Scottish win as the two met at St Andrews University. (As if St Andrews Uni really considers itself to be part of Scotland!)  Longer term, I am waiting for a Nationalist of some description to claim that the whole thing is an Establishment plot designed to boost the Unionist vote at the elections six days later.

Now that would really upset the proles.
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