They’re back

Every now and again I like to bring you up to date with what is happening in the Scottish Parliament.  Just so you don’t feel left out, and to let you keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in Britain North.  With the start of the new parliamentary year it seems a good time to give a flavour of what’s high on the agenda.

Let’s not bother with the independence debate, or the state of the economy or any of those dull, regular things.  No, to get a real feel for what it is that keeps our back benchers awake at night, one only has to look at the subject matter of the members’ debates which happen with all too predictable frequency.

So, in the first week back we have seen (or heard) (or not) two debates already.  Incisive oration on the hot subjects of the day. Rapier-like dialogue on the top issues.  Forensic analysis of cutting edge Motions (and I use the term advisedly here) to make a Scot proud.

“What?”  I hear you cry.  “What were these wicked issues?”  Well, I’ll tell you.

On Tuesday, George Adam (SNP) kicked off a debate to mark a “community event” three months previously which in itself commemorated the Renfrewshire Witch Hunt of 1697.  And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, on Thursday Annabel Goldie (Scottish Conservative – yes there are a few) used her allotted time to mark the 10th anniversary of “BBC Scotland’s flagship drama, River City”.

Jeezy Creezy!

I don’t know much about late 17th century mages in the burgh of Paisley, but any right-thinking person who has seen the weekly offering from the fictional Glaswegian district of Shieldinch will certainly agree that River City should be burned at the stake.

As for the standard of future debate up Holyrood way?  Well, in the words of the Weegie soap’s Roisin – “Aah dinna kein whitt tay thunk oannie mayr”.

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